3D Printing

3D printing (or additive manufacturing) is a quick and easy way to create cost effective prototypes with quick turnaround. 3D printing works by taking a digital CAD design and building it up layer by layer until a solid object is formed. The technology is idea for creating your next product or for small production runs of custom parts.

Drafting/CAD Modeling

3D Modeling is a method of creating Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) flies that perfectly represent the dimensions and attributes of your product. With a 3D model, it's easy to create a 3D print that perfectly matches your specifications. No model? No Problem. We can help take an idea, napkin sketch, or professional drawing and turn that into a polished 3D model, ready to print or send to manufacturers.

3D Scanning

3D Scanning allows for photos of a real world object to be manipulated into a CAD file that perfectly represents the real thing. This method is perfect for objects with complex shapes or curvatures that would be difficult to achieve with traditional CAD modeling. No matter the size, we can scan your object, make adjustments, and create an accurate model or 3D print.